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Welcome to Enchanted Realm Hexxit! Our goal is to bring the best adventure of this dungeon-based mod to you!

Custom staff-made dungeons, events and contests! This includes puzzles to solve, mazes to go through, and spawned creatures to fight! We love to build, so this will also include seasonal events!

In game shop for buying items! Like to build? No problem! We have an in game shop to buy building materials! You can build your base in no time!

Both PvE and PvP maps! If you like PvP, you can stay on the PvP map and battle other players! Hate PvP? Then just stay in the regular overworld map without the worry of being killed by other players!

Towny for claiming of land!

Map resets so there is always content to find and explore!

Helpful friendly staff to help and answer questions!

Is there anything you want that we don't offer? We'd love to hear about it!

played for about 2 days. Have not experienced block lag, owner regularly communicates with players. Map has not been overly looted, still dungeons with loot in them. staff made dungeons are very cool, have unique names and health for the mobs inside and contain custom loot plugins for the dungeons as well. Overall experience has been great so far.
Posted 18th May 2017
Great server, little to no lag spikes. Good people and absolutely love the dungeons on the server along with the variety of loot they offer each day.
-Honestly_evil <3
Posted 7th Mar 2017
This server is great this is the only good working survival server on the internet right now
Posted 27th Feb 2017
Horrible staff. I got banned within 2 days for asking a question to the owners.. They are immature and go on little power trips if anyone bothers them even slightly.. Do not waste your time on this server.
Posted 5th Feb 2017
Staff are immature and randomly ban people without any warning. I do not recommend joining this server. It will waste your time.
Posted 5th Feb 2017
This server is great! I've had no issues whatsoever with items or inventory. Staff are very friendly and players too. It's very rare to find such an amazing server. 10/10
Posted 19th Nov 2016
This server is fun, the plugins are well chosen and i like the rest factor, some connectivity issues but overall this server runs well plays well and does everything it needs to do.
Posted 21st Oct 2016
I really do think that the server is great quite frankly it is not professional, rather intuitive and friendly for users alike, with friendly staff and a setup and well established rule book this accentuates the experience of hexxit and proving to be a good server. But one note, try to make things more survival - like (For the experience) but besides that it is otherwise flawless.
Posted 9th Oct 2016
I came onto this server very recently so things are bound to change but so far I love this server. it has custom dungeons, houses built for you, and safer towns. My friend E_weidman and i will love this server and i think you will too.
Posted 8th Oct 2016
Written with Honesty and Love
I must say the first day i joined the server (June 3, 2016)
it was a bit weird not knowing a thing about the server until I got help from a friend and staff and worked my way up. As I worked my way up so did the server in everything; Staff made dungeons, plugins, Spawns, and more warps to look at. Then it came the day that I made my town (Glorious_Hell) not knowing anything about towny commands staff was right there to help. This server is a great server to meet new and friendly players. Its alwas a blast it never gets old(because it restarts and you work all over again) your never done same with staff. It's because of this server that I met my best friends... MisaRoca and _PandaUmi_.
And yes even when the first day Misa came on and her controls went mad I waited and I'm glad I did.

Long story short. Staff loves to help out and answer questions, and the players are always so fun to hang out with! Since its a smaller community and restarts every once and then there is always something to raid. I really would recommend this server to people who want a friendly face server.
(Queen of Hell or knowned as Crash Queen)
Posted 7th Oct 2016
Enchanted Realm in Hexxit Servers, Has a extremely friendly staff and player base. The Lag is Almost non-existent and there are custom dungeons which add more to the mudpack as a whole. In normal hexxit once you get scale armor nothing really is a challenge anymore. The Staff dungeons make the game that much harder and more enjoyable. I have fallen in love with this server and recommend that you join it and get to know the player base. You wont regret your decision.
P.S. - Only thing is that its quiet
Posted 7th Oct 2016
I still remember the first day I joined this server. Everyone was being so kind and friendly towards me and tried to help me fixing my controls which were freaking out on me that day. I was so sad about my mad controls and had to rejoin. After doing that, there was that one user who kept waiting for me and even invited me to join her city. It was Lavagirl360. Since then I stayed with Lava and helped her whenever I could. This goes on until today. And then there came a day where I was harrassed by another player. I was sad and went offline immediately. When I came back online, I saw that literally everyone stood up for me and defended me which made me so happy and grateful. I cried tears of happiness. I met so many nice people on this server and made lots of new friends.

Thank you all for the kindness and appreciation.

Love you,

Posted 7th Oct 2016
This server is amazing AF, when you lose your inventory, the staff are fair and give you the items you lost. the plugins work very well on the server, and this is the very first "Towny" server i have been on, and i can't wait to try out more!
~ _Technowaffle

P.s the staff are amazing and funny!!! (Especially you Vexx)
Posted 7th Oct 2016
I love this server so much it is basically a survival world with more creativity and way more fun seeing as there are other people. I love how you can make your town and u don't lose your stuff when you die. The owners are really nice and are on regularly. and you can create you town and expand it with friends. its sooo realistic I love it - Sky_the_gamer
Posted 7th Oct 2016
This server has a small community but great staff and everyone is willing to help. The staff is very generous and succeeds in running the server well, this server is very enjoyable due to the fact that many of the structures are not raided because of the smaller community. All in all this server is great for anyone who wants to play Hexxit from people who know nothing about it to people who strive as hard as hey can to get what they need.
Posted 7th Oct 2016
Friendly staff, relaxed community and tons of dungeons! My favorite hexxit server
Posted 4th Oct 2016
I don't appreciate it very much when you work over 30 hours on this. And then it disappears at the end of the month. Regardless of land claim.
Posted 24th Sep 2016
I personally dislike the owner due to being banned for arguing, i joined the server in hope of meeting new people and making new friends but i ended up being banned, i wasn't aware i was arguing and had no warning before hand. kind of glad this happened now before i got further in to the game, otherwise i would have wasted hours of my time.
Posted 15th Aug 2016
i was playing on the server when i got banned for voicing an opinion about 'rule 7' the owner of the server banned me because "i was arguing and videoing on youtube" when really i was asking why that rule was there, he told my friend to shut up, then banned us both...
Posted 14th Aug 2016
The server owners really put a lot of effort into the dungeons and events and make it a nice place to play.
Posted 5th Aug 2016
As a mc player i don't suggest that you want be on the server when the pissed off owner is on cause i got banned for doing absolutly nothing and maybe don't try and talk to her if you are on so thank you if you read this reveiw and play if you want to play
Posted 21st Jul 2016