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Noburstia A Hexxit Roleplay Server


There were once three grand kingdoms that ruled the great land of Delwraith:

The three kingdoms lived in harmony for centuries. But their peace would come to an end when the great plague swept across the lands, killing the populaces of each kingdom and turning them into vile abominations. Countless cities and towns were consumed and within a few years only scattered remains of each kingdom were left standing. You are new to these lands, it is time for you to choose your destiny!

Live as a peasant or venture into the great beyond!

Choose a kingdom, profession or class!

Join the guilds to train in different fighting styles!

Forge unlikely alliances and secure a place in history!

Dedicated staff will help you along your way, don't be afraid to ask for help!

The server is currently under construction, we are using a trial service and will be upgrading soon. We are also looking to hire more staff and leaders for different groups. In-game ranks are first come, first serve so JOIN NOW TO BECOME A SERVER LEADER!


Noburstia: Once it was the most grand kingdom in Delwraith, it is now a shell of its former self. All that remains is a few scattered settlements that cling to the old ways of life tightly. It was the trade capitol of the world before the great cataclysm destroyed the great highway.

Stumordor: Stumordor has always been a more simple kingdom, fond of drink and industry. It was hit less hard by the plague than the other kingdoms, nobody knows quite why. They have begun to grow due to Delwraith's rising demand in metals which are produced there.

Valence: Valence was hit the hardest by the plague. Its once great capitol has become a wasteland. Their king lies dead and civil war has consumed the kingdom, dividing the scattered remains of the once great nation. Before the plague Valence was a paradise for philosophers and scientists alike. Now the great apothecary of Sundale has fallen into the earth along with the rest of the city.


Adventurer: These bold men and women journey the countryside, slaying beasts and raiding towers. These warriors, archers and mages venture through blistering colds, extreme heat and damp forests to uncover ancient treasures. There are many different kinds of adventurer: warrior, mage, ranger, engineer, healer and many more.

Miner: Miners spend their days chipping away in the great pits under Stumordor. They are simple folk, but with the increase in demand for metal they are also making large amounts of gold.

Lumberjack: The forests of Delwraith are full of trees. These hearty men topple forests in order to make way for the expansion of humanity and to sell the wood for a hefty profit!

Shopkeeper: These brilliant traders spend their days making deals with other players in order to buy and sell their goods. Many of them gather in Noburstia, the trade capitol of Delwraith.

Scribe: Scribes record the ever developing history of Delwraith. They work tirelessly to protect the great archives of Noburstia from crumbling to dust.

Alchemist: Alchemists make brews for the townspeople. The royal alchemist society gathers in Valence often to discuss new breakthroughs.


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