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Ample Gaming Hexxit



We are a simple and humble server that provides a diverse array of plugins that contribute to create an all around great factions server!

Our main image as a server is a factions PVP server. The plugins we have are aimed towards this image and not just to have as many plugins as possible, hence why we are Ample.

Our server is dedicated 23/7, mainly 24/7. We have dedicated 6GB Memory and 1TB storage space, which is expandable as the world grows.

We are constantly making improvements for the server and if you would like to provide any advice or input, please visit the website and go to the 'Contact Us' page. There you can send us a ticket without any difficulty!

Overall our name Ample Gaming holds a reputation as a server that is out there to provide for what we want as an image, and there is no excess bullshit to slow us down.

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