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Are you sick and tired of servers that constantly lags, crash and bans an item the very minute something's going wrong? Hariza is there to help you!

With a brand new community, Hariza is a stable dedicated server hosted on it's own physical server, with it's own backup devices and relay database systems. Hosted by system administrators students, Hariza is running in a stable environment to minimize any bugs related to anything outside the game. With dedicated Staff Members, you don't have to worry about waiting to have your problems solved, a Staff member will be assisting you as soon as possible!

Our server is a faction server. EXPECT to raid and be raided, as we will not refund your items under those circumstances. The staff is very active to ensure that the gameplay is as fun as possible, but so long as we know being raided isn't fun, it's part of the game.

Our banned items list consist of:

  • Ender bow: Crashes the server instantly
  • Meteor Summoners: Grief with no way to protect yourself
  • Capsules: Let the players dupe
  • Crumble Horn: Grief with no way to protect yourself
  • Emperor Chalice: Excessive Griefing
  • Draw Bridge: Bypass protections

And that's it! Now that you know everything, there's no secrets hidden from you! What you're waiting for? Join the Hariza community now!

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