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Aperture Tekxit Server

Aperture Tekxit Server (Hexxit + Tekkit)


Server Style:
Server spawn was hand crafted by the owner and the style is portal! Who doesint love portal?------------------------------------------------------------------------Server Contents: 
---Vanilla Modded World - Endlessly Generating World 
---Custom World - Pre-generated 16k World with an entire custom terrain! 
---Store - Filled with a wide range of items! 
---Player-Mine - A Place where you can find all the common resources in one location! 
---Wood-Mine - Wooden area with various logs! 
---Much More!------------------------------------------------------------------------Planned Content:
---Elaborate Dungeons - A place to earn money and Crate Keys! 
---Voting! - Earn more keys and such here! 
---So much more!------------------------------------------------------------------------Join The Discord
Discord link for friends:!

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