This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Absolution Gaming Hexxit PvP


Server Info

Server IP :
Server Website :
We also need staff for this server so be sure to apply on the website:

Server Rules

Hacking | Cheating | Exploiting Bugs | Using modded clients
Bypassing World guard / PvP Protection
No Griefing Server Builds
This is a Faction/PvP/Raiding Server - Killing is allowed!
Don't ask for Op or staff to give out free items.
Turn all mob spawner off when not in use.
Use Common Sense
We DO NOT refund items lost from dying / clearlag / or rollbacks
We DO NOT Accect any racism, sexism, homophobia or bigotry of any kind
Please keep all swearing to a minimum.
Don't use All Caps when Talking.
No advertising other servers or sites
No spamming or excessive punctuation
No harassment of any kind will be tolerated.
Do not falsely accuse staff of abuse
No Combat Logging

Removed Mods

Dimensional Doors
Secret Rooms Mod

Banned Items

Enderbow | Crashes the server
Buster Bullet | Griefing
Chest Transporter | Griefing
Capsule Station | Duping
Meteor Summoner | Griefing
Secret Doors Mod | Causes Corrupt Chunks
Destruction Catalyst | Griefing
Dimensional Doors | Lags Server
Bags (not backpacks) | Duping
Emperors Chalice | Bypass Land Protection
Bane of Pigs | Damage Glitch
The Frost Bow | Bypasses Land Protection
Carmanite Reactor | Bypass Land Protection
Buster Shot/Mag | Bypass Land Protection
Ender Backback | Bypass Land Protection
Magic Boomerang | Crashes the server
Ender & Pigman Head | Crashes the server
Light Crystal | Can Corrupt Chunks
Essence Extractor | Duping
Crafting station/table | Duping
Ninja dagger | Bypass Protection
Walker Sword | Bypass Land Protection
Revolver | Bypass Land Protection
Storage Creates | Duping

Main Server Plugins

Clear lag
World Guard
World Edit

Server Description

We hope you enjoy our Hexxit server. We have worked really hard to make sure it is a great experience for you. We have very few banned items and a great log in and play spawn. Everything is simple and we strive to make it the best experience you have. With Factions you can be sure that you will be able to raid your foes and take all the loot for you. You will need to play with a very well thought out game play to save all your loot for you. Few methods are backpacks, keep them stored in an Ender Chest for no one else to be able to take, or use of backpacks on you when you log out so if raided they get nothing, muahahaha. Stay safe as you never know what lurks around the corner.

We also have an Adventure world just for you to enjoy, however this world will be reset every two weeks to ensure that you will always have resources at your disposal. Adventure world is also PvP and you can be killed for your loot there as well. To get to this world just go to /spawn and you will see a portal for it.

Server Update/Status

Server is a dedicated server with an update of 99.7%

All Server updates will be added to the website and also the change log on our own website

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