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This server has a small community but great staff and everyone is willing to help. The staff is very generous and succeeds in running the server well, this server is very enjoyable due to the fact that many of the structures are not raided because of the smaller community. All in all this server is great for anyone who wants to play Hexxit from people who know nothing about it to people who strive as hard as hey can to get what they need.
Posted 7th Oct 2016
Friendly staff, relaxed community and tons of dungeons! My favorite hexxit server
Posted 4th Oct 2016
I don't appreciate it very much when you work over 30 hours on this. And then it disappears at the end of the month. Regardless of land claim.
Posted 24th Sep 2016
I personally dislike the owner due to being banned for arguing, i joined the server in hope of meeting new people and making new friends but i ended up being banned, i wasn't aware i was arguing and had no warning before hand. kind of glad this happened now before i got further in to the game, otherwise i would have wasted hours of my time.
Posted 15th Aug 2016
i was playing on the server when i got banned for voicing an opinion about 'rule 7' the owner of the server banned me because "i was arguing and videoing on youtube" when really i was asking why that rule was there, he told my friend to shut up, then banned us both...
Posted 14th Aug 2016
The server owners really put a lot of effort into the dungeons and events and make it a nice place to play.
Posted 5th Aug 2016
As a mc player i don't suggest that you want be on the server when the pissed off owner is on cause i got banned for doing absolutly nothing and maybe don't try and talk to her if you are on so thank you if you read this reveiw and play if you want to play
Posted 21st Jul 2016