This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Chillax Hexxit - Chillax Gaming


Chillax Gaming presents Chillax Hexxit! Are you looking for a server to play with friends on or even find friends on (like us :D)? Then Chillax Gaming's Hexxit server is for you! We feature many things from PvP Server with griefing and Factions, PvE Server with no griefing and towny, Hexxit skyblock, and hexxit survival games.


To join our servers just join the IP above and enter either the PvE or PvP server! For more information about the difference read below!
We are looking for staff too!

Hexxit PvE
Do you like to just relax, build, learn, have fun with friends without worry of people ruining your builds and fun? Play on our Hexxit PvE server!

Hexxit PvP
Or are you one of those people who like ruining people's fun (;3 which is fun to do) and also like the challenge of being able to defend off people who want to grief and attack you? Then you are for our hard mode Hexxit PvP server!

Both Servers Include

Tons of Amazing Tools!

Banned Items (I know :( )

  • Quiver - Duping
  • Bag - Duping
  • Uncrafting Table - Bypass
  • Crumble Horn - Bypasses Protection
  • Ender Bow - Crashes server
  • Meteor Crap - Ruins things
  • Destruction Catalyst - Bypass
  • Buster Bullets - Bypasses Protection
  • Buster Magazine - Bypasses Protection
  • Magic Mirror - Crashes Server
  • Capsule Station - Bypass Protection
  • BonemealBag - Crashes Server when used on Saplings
  • SoulShard - SoulCages Lag
  • Drawbridge - Bypass and Crash
  • Chocobo Saddle Bags - Dupes
  • Carrot - Crashes Server
  • Box - Crashes Server
  • Essence Extractor - Glitch this item is removed in newer TConstructs

Any questions feel free to comment below or contact me via
P.S. We are still working on adding more!

The staff are terrible, They are all arrogant, condescending and demeaning to everyone below them, Its like this is the first time a sadist gets a little bit of power, They go mad.
Posted 24th Apr 2019
Server has a small community but that is only because of how old the mod-pack really is. The community that plays is very helpful, nice, and active. The discord for the server is still very much alive and all the things on here about the owner and other staff are simply not true from what i've seen. I played this server a couple of years ago and have recently come back after remembering all the good times i had with it. Staff aren't very active on the server as the community on the server never really needs them, but in the case that you need staff you can contact them in a discord chat and you'll get a response within minutes. The staff and owner obviously do indeed care about the server, and they've even recently opened another server on another modpack. If you are looking for a fun Hexxit server to play on where you wont have to interact with lots of people but there's stills community, this is the perfect server for you. The very negative reviews on here seem to be from angry staff who got removed, although i don't know the full story, i know that Jason and the other staff do care about their servers and their players. Lilly is very nice and helpful. Jason has been working very very hard to get the new server plug ins to work. They take every player suggestion and improvement idea seriously, and regularly respond to players suggestions.
Posted 29th Mar 2019
Server is pretty dead at this point.
Everything changed from when I used to play and now, everything is just useless.
Soulcages are banned now so rip grind and is not fun anymore. Earning money is tedious and annoying and so far I've seen no shops and playershops with sell signs so getting money is next to useless/pointless.
Posted 30th Oct 2018
Pretty and simple. Everything I expect from a hexxit world but with other players I can fight. Or if you dont want to be backstabbed by some mean players you can play the "PvE" mode where you can team up with them and fight through the mods dungeons. This doesnt mean the world to me but what else would you want from a server?
Posted 3rd Sep 2018
Terrible staff team, the attitudes are appalling.

Also some fake reviews- hexxit hasn't been out 8 years, for example.
Posted 21st Jun 2018
I have been part of the server for 8 years now. I have seen staff come and go, some burning everything as they were removed by the owner. Jason and the head staff control everything to the best of their abilities and do a fantastic job at that.

The server is always up, maybe an hour of downtime a month, if that. Staff that stay around are fantastic and the community that is built is even better.

Hope to see you out there in pvp or pve!
Posted 1st May 2018
Awesome server! I have been playing it for the past four years. Although, I wish that Hexxit would update to a newer version of Minecraft.
Posted 1st May 2018
Great server. Great Staff. Had a great experience a few years back and currently having a great experience now :D.
Posted 1st May 2018
Its the most fun server i have played on
Posted 29th Apr 2018
Two years ago some long term friends and I had a bit of a falling out. At the time I was in this Modded Minecraft kick and looking for something fresh, so I popped onto Hexxit and started skimming around for servers. I hopped around for a couple weeks before I settled on Chillax. I spent a few month there before I decided to donate and eventually join the staff team. I met a lot of cool people here and it's my all time favorite Hexxit server.
Posted 29th Apr 2018
Hello all.
Jason (owner) is useless as all fuck. Has no care for the server or the community whatsoever. He doesn't deserve such a wonderful community as yourselves, you're good people. The server has gone downhill severely since Chase (ex co-owner) left, mainly because now its just Jason, he can do what he wants and run this into the ground. The old staff were the way to go, good people, good times, and always a good laugh. Now? It's just a mess. Majority of the staff are just useless (handful that I respect dearly), get the old team back together. Why do you think theres only 8 people online right now? It's a mess of a server. Nothing interesting is happening. Look at 6 months ago when we had 30 people on constantly, it was fucking terrific. The choices Jason has made has basically run this server into having 0 people on it. It's not too late to fix it, but the sooner the better.
I won't be returning anytime soon. Maybe to say hey, but not very often. I've poured my heart and soul into this server, made good mates and had a great time. For that I say thankyou. But at the end of the day, Jason you're just a useless cunt who should headbutt a bullet. You're here for the money, every single one of us who has had an interaction with you knows that. Don't play games, if you don't want to be here for the community and have a place of happiness. Don't be here. If you want to make friends and have a good time on a hexxit server. This isn't the one for you.
Posted 24th Apr 2018
The servers good, i like the players and such. Theres room for improvement when it comes to higher staff and how they handle certain things and/or treat the players. All around though, good server.
Posted 19th Feb 2018
Pretty nice server, Jason is on whenever he needs to fix something and he has his own issues to deal with so no biggie, banned items are banned for a reason, problems get fixed pretty fast, recent events to no fault of the staff have caused some havoc but other than that good server and recently reset so lots of land to explore.
~ Coffee/Null; man of magic machinery B)
Posted 19th Feb 2018
Honestly, don't get sucked into this server. As of now, Jason the owner spends any profits he makes from the server on Steam. He's really rude the 2 times a month he comes on. He doesn't pay any staff, not even the old co-owner.

Chase was the old co-owner, Chase would fix everything, and get nothing from it. He was on multiple times a day and had the experience and knowledge to fix most any problem the server encountered, and that he did during the time he was co-owner. I'm glad he left, the server doesn't deserve him.

FrozenLilly, is the head mod. She's the worst. She bans anyone who tries to debate her. No matter the context, no matter civil the debate is, the player gets banned. She has issues, literally, mental issues that in all seriousness should be checked out and dealt with instead of vented through banning kids on a minecraft server.

Happy_Happ, the Head Admin, is probably the only person on the staff team anyone likes. In my opinions, he's alright, but compared to the rest of the staff team? God, give him a medal, glad he's yet to be corrupted by Lilly.

A player I once crossed was a donator. This donator played for a long time, and was highly respected by players in the community. He said a few bad things about her in a Discord group chat with his friends, and Lilly found out. She perm banned him. No debate among the staff team, because anyone who isn't an Owner, Head Mod, or Head Admin, are 11-14 year old children that are scared of her because she has unlimited power over their position.

You know the old Head Admin once reported Lilly to the owner right? She got him demoted because he was a threat, and when he spoke out about it, he was removed from the staff team for "attempting to cause a riot". Everyone on the staff team already hates Lilly, all he was doing was bringing it to light. She should've been the one removed from the staff team, he was a better person and moderator than she ever has been or ever can be. Unjustified removal in my eyes is bad, the fact that the removed person(s) get to live a life without this server is good. Don't get these two confused.

Once a donator was playing in a server, a very nice guy in my opinion. He was fun and enthusiastic. Once an admin joined, and with his normal enthusiasm he said "Ayy my nibba, whats poppin'?". The donator got permanently banned, and the admin called him "Racist trash". Hours of progress and time and energy wasted on such a terrible server was wiped away in seconds for an non-derogatory enthusiastic greeting.

Call me insane, but maybe when a player misuses (According to the rule guideline) their ability to type and communicate with other players, that player should have that ability revoked temporarily and harsher punishment follows if the behavior does. That's not the case here. Instant, permanent, bans. Warnings are far and few between, and only given out by Happy usually and 1 or 2 admins once in a blue moon.

Once a new kid joined the server, she had bad grammar and spelling. It was a full house, around 30 people were in the server, the most in a long time. A good few of them were staff team. The new player, asked questions a lot. Most of them simple questions, ones normal players casually answered or 11 year old low ranking staff members jumped on to show off to the higher ranking staff. But one question in particular was a good question I too would've liked to know. Nobody would answer her, after multiple, maybe 3, attempts at getting an answer, no staff member told her they didn't know. They just ignored her. She got frustrated any typed in all caps "CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME". She was banned right there and then, permanently. One of the staff members (high ranking) insulted her, and mentioned the answer casually. Personally, I think, new players deserve help too.

It's mind blowing how easy it is to cause any member of the staff team, excluding Happy, to throw a fit. Go ahead, get on the server and try it, don't use any derogatory language, don't break any rules, only type, and I assure you you'll still get banned within the hour. Either the staff member is quite literally a 12 year old child or the staff member has the same comparative mental capacity. All these examples are absolute, and horrible. You can't make this kind of s**t up. There are upwards of 100 banned items because the owner and others are way too lazy to fix anything, the PvP server on Chillax has half the commands broken, and has had half the commands broken for multiple years as I've been told. The server is hanging by a thread, it's clunky, broken, buggy, glitchy, often crashes, laggy, and as far as I can see has no light at the end of the tunnel. Chillax is either dead or close enough to call it such.

God forbid if this review wasn't anonymous. My quaint log cabin perched atop my peaceful summer hill would be obliterated. Destroyed, decimated, burned and the ashes danced on while I gaze in horror. To think, all of this because of Jason. If Jason was a decent human being, there would be hired staff (Not just server kids plucked up at random) and there would be a much friendlier community. Maybe then people wouldn't be scared to ask questions or worried what would happen in the reporting of a staff member. Well I'm here to say, f*****g do it. Any staff member that gives you unwarranted s**t, destroy them. If you're reading this, you have a brain, meaning this server is too good for you. If Chillax Gaming is reading this, your staff team is incompetent, I'm calling you out on how garbage you are. Fix your s**t.
The server replied:
Thanks for airing your dirty laundry, Gold. We fired you from Head-Admin for this exact reason. You are very spiteful.
Posted 4th Feb 2018
Well the Server it self is Good.

But the staff i think are a bunch of peapole who are fucking retared. FrozenLilly the main bitch has some serious Problems wiht accepting herself dont go on this Server beacuse the hoes on this Server are getting triggerd very fast.
The server replied:
I'm sorry to hear you had a bad experience. If you have any suggestions, please submit them on the forums! We will look over them.
Posted 14th Jan 2018
Do NOT play this server if you want to play a long time or be friendly with people there

Staff don't want to stay at the place of Staff and they take everything personally, they shouldn't, "serious" staff don't do that

They are just old teenagers that want to play arround with their powers, to avoid

Even if you get friendly with them, once you'll step out for some reason, you're gonna get banned or muted if you're not part of Staff

If you're helper on mod or something, then you're good to do the shit you want, no much repercutions
The server replied:
I'm sorry to hear you had a bad experience. If you have any suggestions, please submit them on the forums! We will look over them.
Posted 2nd Jan 2018
People on many other Reviews page about this server blame the staff, but Jason, the Owner, is to blame

He doesn't care enough about the server to "hire" (for free) a 'professionnal' staff (a staff that works correctly without all the chikdish teenager argues bullshit)

When the problem can't be solved by the unprofessionnal staff, he just bans people for free, i already saw that happen lately

I do not recomend the server if you're planing on playing seriously

Nice when you have time to waste, not much when you want to be envolved in it.
The server replied:
This is a free to play server, there is no reason to have paid staff. The staff who moderate do it on their own free-time without any sort of request of compensation. If this was a paid-to-play server, by all means, pay the staff.
Posted 2nd Jan 2018
Chillax is really great. it's an active server with a good atmosphere and a fun world. There is plenty of things to raid despite it being so active, and it's easy to get your footing.
The /back works how it should, there are no glitches. The only thing I don't like is there tends to be a lot of lag.
But other than that, i greatly recommend chillax.
Posted 30th Dec 2017
Staff are really unkind on this server, and dislikes your opinions right away, it's like a big cliche. If you say one word, (especially on discord), the staff aren't afraid to go on you and attack you like a pack of wolves, heard from someone that they had depression or something, and those staff really did it on them, heard they were balling their eyes out from the staff attacking them. (I saw this incident on discord, FYI).

Players also aren't that great, when you're new, you don't get welcomed or anything. very unfriendly to newcomers, and rather not talk to new players.
Generally not a friendly server (player base and staff wise).
The server replied:
I'm sorry to hear you had a bad experience. If you have any suggestions, please submit them on the forums! We will look over them.
Posted 25th Oct 2017
I really like this server, The Admins and Staffs are really nice, I can play on this server with my friends too, We really enjoy it and I really hope this server never goes down and the Owners remain as nice as they are right now
Posted 5th Aug 2017
This server was fun at first when i started playing last month then i came to realize that everyone on this server doesn't like new comers no communication from the staff just a really uncomfortable server...

Secondly the server has a big lag spike every 5 seconds my computer works very well with other servers...

Enough of my rant for "chillax-Gaming"
rating - 0.1 out of 10 because i was actually quite wealthy on this server lol!
The server replied:
I'm sorry to hear you had a bad experience. If you have any suggestions, please submit them on the forums! We will look over them.
Posted 10th Mar 2017
Great server friendly staff no lag
Posted 25th Jul 2016