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Deities Survival


This server you will be tested to the core of your ability to survive!
(This even counts pvp).

What to expect during your visit here with us on our server.
(Some Interactions with our DM's) DM's are our Dungeon Master's - No power to kick/ban people or power to use Worldedit. The only power they have is being not visible to you and Creative Mode. The reason to this is so they may deliver little role play to all of our players. (If you feel you are too lame to join us because of a little interaction from beyound the universe, don't join our server).

There is 100% no trolling here on our server and so this is our reason why we are informing you up front of our intentions on our server before joining us. It is our goal to deliver a experience never before seen on minecraft and what I mean by this is players gets to become Gods or a Type of God on our server. How we are gonna go about having this effect for our server is in the works but some ideas are on the table such as a leveling system based on your active time spent on our server.

By spending enough time and working your self up the levels you unlock new powers (commands) to issue in the world and onto others if you so wish it. The type of God you wish to become on our server I am leaving too you.

Yes, if you spend enough time, you can obtain rank almost as high as a Admin God. (Never Owner) =)

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