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Current Modpack:Hexxit Updated [Latest]
Wyxia is currently running in the Hexxit Updated modpack, and we have no plans to change it anytime soon !
The modpack itself consists of nearly 100 Mods !
From mob towers to loot bags, adventurers will surely get their daily dose of monsters and loots.

Scared of losing your stuff ?
Don't worry ! The server is equipped with top-quality claiming tools to ensure your base is safe at all time.
Died outside of your claims ? Not a problem either ! Your stuff is safely stored in a tombstone, waiting for you to come and grab it from the afterlife ! You died thousands of blocks away from spawn ? Our free ranks allow you to teleport back to your death point in mere seconds !

In-Game Shop
Tired of pay to wins server that sell end-game gears for a few bucks ? Our server has its own economy based around vote tokens ! Exchange your tokens to to other players against services and richness, or spend them in the Token-Shop for QOL Items ! And all of this for the low price of 0.00 $ !

Give it a try ! It might even become your main source of forbidden dimensions and mythical beasts !

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