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Come play the best Towny Hexxit server in the world. You do matter if you play by the rules you will get respect. Earn your ranks and develop your town. Have input on the servers development. What more could you want.

When I joined this server with two of my friends we were pretty happy, the spawn construction was put together well, and over all the server seemed to have a pretty solid start. My friends and I were happy with it for about three days until someone that was op came online(keep in mind I am not sure if this was the owner or an admin or what because ranks did not seem to be set up, all I know is his name was like Toxn or something). So anyway, I was talking with my friends in chat and I got kicked, it said shut up, and I was just confused. So when I got back on I was messaging my friends what happened, and all the sudden this op guy mutes me for five years. Good luck getting me or any of my friends to go back on this server.
The server replied:
this user was muted for dropping the "n" word.
Posted 30th Jan 2017