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Great! new server. with lot of features in the works. vanilla survival. With GUI/Sign shop, and monthly/weekly build events.
You can win prizes for each event(Vip, op commands, Free custom in game gear)
A few custom plugins are on the way.
(Neat builds, community challenges, redstone show case, knowledge base)

  • Neat builds: will show case all cool house,farms, etc. and credit the player. placing in the show earns cool kits!
  • community challenges: posted challenges; if completed earn prizes(Vip kits, redstone plans, Custom Armor!)
  • Redstone Show Case: similar to Neat builds, centered on redstone based farms, houses, useless machines, etc.
  • Knowledge base: postings for redstone plans, house/farm designs, trick, tips and exploits(exploits are allowed)
    Friendly Staff, anti grieving and anti lag solutions in places.
    Your Invited! come join the fun!

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