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GK Gaming


Hey guys Robert here and i want to welcome any and all minecrafters to GK Gaming

GK Gaming is a brand new vanilla server on version 1.8.8. So far i have several popular plugins such as AuthMe, Towny, mcMMO, Votifier, LWC, MultiVerse, etc..

If you have any plugin suggestions please i want to know what they are.

As far as rules go i try not to be to hard on players.

few simple things.

  1. Do not grief inside a town, wilderness is perfectly okay.
  2. Do not steal from a town, wilderness is perfectly okay.
  3. Do not ask for items or ranks, if a staff member needs you to do something he will give you what you need so dont ask
  4. Do not try the old "Hello i am a PlanetMinecraft staff member could you please give me op so i can test your plugins" the instant you say this i will personally ban you for life.
  5. Use Common sense, yea you would be surprised how uncommon it is.

As far as chat is concerned anything goes, you can even TRY and spam but the server wont let you so save your energy

The ip address is if for some reason you cannot see the banner.

Anyway thanks for checking out the post and i hope to see you online.

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