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We are a unique Towny PvP server that offers a very uncommon play-style when compared to other Towny servers. There is a huge PvP and raiding aspect, mixed with the Towny plugin, so it is extremely unique. Though it is extremely fun, the play-style is not meant for casual players. Molding the survival mechanics of the server took awhile as it often gets hard to come up with something that doesn't already exist. Though I am proud to say that this is exactly what we have accomplished, we appreciate feedback and suggestions from our players to improve our gameplay for the better. We strive to bring as much enjoyment to our players as possible by giving each and everyone of you an experience you won't forget. With a very good line-up of plugins, the server is built to run balanced and smooth. Come join us and create new memories!


When you first spawn on our server, you have hardly anything. You will be given a good amount of starting materials and $3,000. Your goal is to go out and start a civilization (town). You may also join a civilization and make new friends. Once your town is at its golden age, you may create a nation if you desire. Your nation will be your "team" of towns. You and your nation can fight against other nations. You can easily earn a good amount of money to help get around on this server. Feel free to check out our guides for more information. Aside from the warp zones, there are no areas on the map that offer protection from PvP. Town friendly-fire is disabled so you can group up with your friends to fight and survive without worrying about killing eachother. If a group of players are roaming the map and stumble upon your town, you'd better have your group ready to fight. Of course, you can build walls around your town to make an attempt at preventing this, however enderpearls are enabled so you are almost never safe. TNT-Cannoning is also allowed, as TNT is enabled server-wide. Yes TNT is enabled, but don't get the wrong idea. Any blocks destroyed by TNT will regenerate within seconds, so do not worry about losing your progress. TNT-Cannoning is purely used to get past walls and inside certain areas. Anything locked will not get destroyed, so do not worry about any of your private utilities getting blown up. If you do leave anything unlocked, it is vulnerable to explosions. (except for chests, those will never blow up) Creeper explosions or any other explosions aside from TNT will not cause any effect on terrain. When you die you do not have to worry about losing any of your money or town money. The only things you will lose are your inventory items and your PvP statistics will be impacted. If you ever feel like practicing your PvP skills, you can join the arena and duel another player. The server's PvP play-style is built around God Apple PvP. There is also a PvP ladder that you can climb. As you kill other players, you gain elo and move up the ladder. The higher up the ladder you are, the more intimidating you will appear to your enemies. The server is built around surviving and grouping up with your friends to oppose other civilizations and defend against opposing civilizations. There is so much more to the server that you will have to come and experience yourself!

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