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Horizon City


Something for almost everyone!

and.... Only 2 rules!
we let the plugins keep players in check on everything else.

1) NO SPAMMING CHAT!(this includes TPA and MSG spamming)

  • You will be muted.

( you will be jailed for 1 week)

the main world is designed to allow players to focus on the economy and finding good deals, there is not an centralized market.
instead players are encouraged to join or make a town...claim land and setup shop. once there established, a warp is provided(if they want it) to allow players to find there shops. main world is protected from PVP and building unless you own a town or land within a town.

If you want to challenge your base building skills or gather supplies with an edge of fear, then go to ANY PVP WORLD.(shown in red next to your name in chat)
PVP is ON TNT is On, building in the wilderness is on. here, your make a different faction, faction info does not carry over.
the main goal here is to protect your base or, raid others :)

We also have a better dungeons world which gets reset every month so theres always a new place to explore.

Once a month we feature new downloaded adventure maps to come have fun on with freinds

Unfriendly staff and weird server at all.
Not even a hexxit server (why is it on a hexxitserverlist????)
Posted 13th May 2019
Its poor I hate it and it is weird
Posted 13th May 2018