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Legions of Rome Hexxit v1.5.2 |10GB|


Greetings Legions,

Welcome to Legions of Rome! We are a server that offers the best experience on a Hexxit Server! I'm not gonna go threw what we offer, Why be like every other server and list what we have? Here is the basic information you need to know! Currently a PvE Server with PvP enabled! BUT! Keep inventory is enabled! We use the GOLDEN SHOVEL for protection of your land! We also offer a Public Market place for users to sell there personal Items! Server Shops are very limited to what they sell. A player run economy is the best for an Adventure Modpack!

Legions of Rome was created for players that enjoy a professional server. Where Staff Members are not abusive or attempt to troll you making your experience on the server less pleasant. We strive to have the best Staff members on any Hexxit Server! that are always willing to answer any questions you may have about Legions of Rome. To properly explain what LoR is you would need to experience it for yourself on our Hexxit Server!

The Owner actually plays and is active on the Server to help ensure that everyone is enjoying the experience that we promise! No he doesn't pop on for a few minutes! Hes actually online helping every single player with any problems that they may have. Improving the Server to where the player want it to be! Its not my Server, its the People who play on the Server who make it there Server!

Server runs with 10GB

Lets join the Legion! our address ---->

Our Website ---->

Our Discord ---->

Vote for special rewards in game!

Thank you for reading about Legions of Rome!

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