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MilSpecSG Tekxit 3


Brand new Tekxit3 server from a quality minecraft host! MilSpecSG has returned to bring you the finest Tekxit 3 server around. Our focus is Quality, and fun. You will have a blast, come join us today!!!! Server is under construction but publicly accessible.

I don't recommend to play on this server because the serverteam kicks players for no reason, trolls alot and is very unkind at all.
Lots of banned items...tekxit isnt very fun with so many banned items.
And also like another userreview said: This is a HEXXIT serverlist not for other modpacks. You should remove this server...
Posted 13th May 2019
Very bad Server.
Laggs all the time. Many banned Items and lots of confusing rules.
Also very unfriendly staff/support.
Isnt even a hexxit server.
In my opinion this server should be removed from the HEXXITservers serverlist.
Posted 13th May 2019
Amazing server, great staff, great owner, few banned items and items are working on being unbanned
Posted 10th Mar 2019
Dope server. Nice people. No asshats.
Posted 7th Mar 2019