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Apocalyptic Gaming Modpack/Vanilla Network [US/EU]

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Apocalyptic Gaming Network

Apocalyptic Gaming Network(AGN) was founded in 2010, AGN is a multi-server modded/vanilla Minecraft network hosting 30+ servers.


  • GriefPrevention (Custom Made) & Towny
  • Economy/Shops/Rewards including Kits/Keys/Crates/Vote Rewards (Custom Plugin)
  • Dozens of worlds to explore & Bungeecord Network(Custom Made)
  • Global Chat/Mail/Messaging (Custom Plugin)
  • Active Discord Server
  • 24/7 Active Staff in game and on Discord & 24/7 Uptime
  • Minimal banned items (each server has less than 10 banned items)


Direct IPs:


  • Hexxit
  • Voltz


  • Agrarian Skies
  • Attack of the B-Team
  • Tekkit Main/Space
  • Test Pack Please Ignore
  • Yogscast Complete


  • GigaPack
  • Tekkit Legends
  • Tekxit 2
  • FTB Infinity Evolved
  • The 1.7.10 Pack
  • Agrarian Skies 2
  • Gregtech New Horizons


  • The 1.12.2 Pack
  • Tekxit 2
  • Tekxit 3 LE
  • Tekxit 3.14 PI
  • Hexxit 2
  • Hexxit Updated
  • Roguelike Adventures and Dungeons
  • RLCraft
  • Sky Factory 4
  • MC Eternal
  • Dungeons, Dragons, Space Shuttles
  • Tekkit 2


I really like to play on Tekxit Pi (TKXP is the short handle for that pack Server), I also like that the network has many packs to choose and all players from all packs can chat with eachother which is nice, because so you can talk to way more people and often you don't need to be on the same pack to get some help, which leads to almost all the time you have a problem, someone can help you right in the minecraft. And if not they have a support which you can reach 24/7 on their discord :)

Also: if you play on that server and want to join my town, my MC Name is kettcardriverpro and my discord name (you can hit me up there if I'm not online) is "taurusfan"
Posted 28th Dec 2023
There are lots of great modpacks but. There seems to be a few problems with this server 1.17.10 modpacks run great. But there are some bugs and lag in the newer mod packs it seems. For some reason you can die at spawn, Burning to death and /rtp does not work unless you /wild first. Server is also not 24/7 up time It has gone down many times this year besides any resets.
The server replied:
I apologize for the inconveniences you have experienced. The lag issues have been identified as a problem with our garbage collector, which has been fixed in September. Lag reports have been very scarce since this has been fixed. You dying in spawn I assume you were playing on RLCraft? As their mods make you freeze/overheat based on temperature and we have no control over this. The /tpr issues have also been fixed. As for the downtime this was caused by our Bungeecord host Bisect, our modpack servers have never went down. This has been explained on our discord, so the downtime was out of our control. I hope you give us another chance with these issues resolved!
Posted 23rd Aug 2023
This owner ZilaconMC is a rude rude person. You disagree with him about one thing he holds it over you, he is super power hungry.
The server replied:
I do not know the context of this, as I'm a pretty mellow guy. We don't even ban people for insulting the owner or staff, we simply give you a short mute. Id like to think we are much more lenient and mature then other servers management teams. I hope you give us another chance in the future!
Posted 19th Aug 2023
1st some slight lag issues even with a fiberoptic connection not at peak times.
2. Owner is not a nice person at all. Bashes on anyone that stands up for something they said that isn't against the rules. Constantly asks people to donate. He has a nice website but other then that I would not play on this server.
The server replied:
This user Shikamaru Nara [Fuckie#0190] on discord is review bombing us because we wont instantly ban someone he knows without evidence of breaking our servers rules. As seen here:

There are multiple other negative reviews posted by this same user on other websites bashing me personally and the network just because we wouldn't do what he wanted.
Posted 16th Aug 2023
The best server hosting I've found yet. They host multiple modpacks and allow for cross-modpack communication. If there are any banned items, they are justified and keeps the servers lag-free. -xoxoANTHONY
Posted 2nd Sep 2022
Very good server. Friendly staff and players, have had some very good experiences on here:)) 10/10
Posted 5th Nov 2021
Great server honestly issues get resolved very quickly especially if u tell staff on discord for help on server even when no ones on super fun server to be one highly recommend it!
Posted 12th Aug 2021
ApocGaming is amazing, I would highly recommend it to anyone who is looking to play on a Minecraft server! The staff is super quick to respond via discord mod mail, players/admins/mods within the community are always happy to help as well to the best of their ability! I’ve only been playing for about 4 ish days now and I love it! ApocGaming also has many servers to choose from I believe it's 21 servers and they have more on the way! So you will never be bored. If I can rate the server out of 10 it would easily be a 10! all your Minecraft survival/and others right here!
Posted 13th May 2021
Fun server to play on, sometimes laggy, but much less laggy than every other server. The staff is great, the community is great, there's always a lot of people on across the different servers, and I really enjoy playing on this server. Highly recommend.
Posted 6th Mar 2021
Good Staff, Sometimes Buggy, Overall Good Server :)
Posted 28th Feb 2021
The staff on this server are phenomenal, there is minimal lag and the servers are really stable. Hardly any items are banned (compared to most public servers.) -Void_Sentient
Posted 23rd Jun 2019
Love the community of the server, it isn't competative despite the nature of Minecraft. That's why I love Apoc. I can hang with my friends on any pack I want and still talk to them even if they aren't on the same pack. I've never seen something like that before.
Posted 23rd Jun 2019
APOC Gaming is one of the best BTeam servers out there. Very few items are banned, the server has Greif Protection, and I haven't had any problems with lag. The server is the opposite of pay2win, with many opportunities to vote in return for in-game items. Staff are very supportive and are usually readily available. Highly Recommend.
Posted 21st Mar 2019
It is great. I love the voting system and everything, I love how when ur r-3 u can veinmine beacuse that just makes life so much easier, and the community is really nice and yeah its all great! But the only thing that i would like is chunkloaders beacuse then you could get a lot more resources while you're not online, but i understand that its a big server and it would probably cause a lot of lag so yeah thats fine i guess. Have a good day ! :D
Posted 1st Feb 2019
This network focuses on providing the best experience for it's players. That is why I joined, and why I am still here. They listen to the players and their suggestions, and have high quality servers with no lag.
Posted 26th May 2017
well i havent played much on this server but the server so far is pretty cool theres a few bugs here and there but over all i love this server
Posted 25th May 2017