This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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  • Don't grief (raiding is OK)

  • Respect staff and other players

  • Don't be prejudiced

  • Don't spam

  • No asking for free ranks

  • Don't bully other players

  • Keep arguing to a minimum

  • Don't use a hacked client

  • Don't advertise

  • Have fun

---Removed Mods---

  • Dimentional Doors


  • Announcer

  • BanItem

  • Buycraft

  • ColoredMotd

  • Essentials

  • EssentialsAntiBuild

  • EssentialsChat

  • EssentialsGeoIP

  • EssentialsGroupManager

  • EssentialsProtect

  • EssentialsSpawn

  • EssentialsXMPP

  • Factions

  • iDisguise

  • mcMMO

  • RandomTP

  • WorldEdit

  • WorldGuard



Hi!, this is my new Hexxit server which is currently in the making an we are planning on getting a lot more mini games, we will be adding a pvp arena, spleef, mob arena and much more in the near future. currently the server is mainly a survival mode type surever but soon there will be a lot more fun options for you to do and enjoy. We have cheap ranks and are looking for some more staff, in the end though we believe this server is all about having fun and enjoying yourself :D come along today :)


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