This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes. However, this server has been relisted as Apocalyptic Gaming Modpack/Vanilla Network [US/EU].
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Apocalyptic Gaming - Hexxit



Lower Spawn

Lower Spawn

Pathway to shops

Pathway to shops

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We are a multi-server vanilla and modded network spanning from mc versions 1.2.5 to 1.12.
We host modpack servers from technic, curse, atl, and ftb.

Our hexxit server is fresh out of the bag as of 5/16/2017! We have virtually no banned items, many worlds for survival/factions/towny/etc, custom plugins, admin shops, custom economy, and custom rpg plugins & elements to the server.

Our resource world regenerates every 3 months to ensure dungeons are not all raided. The spawn rate of dungeons are trippled. Our servers reset once every 12 months. Our worlds are all pregenerated to ensure zero lag loading & exploring!

MC Version: 1.5.2
Technic Hexxit Modpack Version: 1.0.10

  • Custom plugins.
  • Worlds for just survival & building, or worlds for PVP/Grief/Raid on Factions or Towny.
  • All explosives and missiles unlocked besides red-matter.
  • Economy system with admin shops, player shops, buyable plots, key & crate rewards, and more.
  • Nothing is banned for profit or donor unlocks. Server is non pay2win.
  • Vote for the server, get instant rewards, rank up, get perks, save points, use points for donor ranks.
  • And so much more!

We got more than Hexxit! Checkout our other servers:

  • Tekkit Classic
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  • Agrarian Skies 1.6.4 Softcore
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Server IPs:

  • Tekkit Classic: 125.APOCGAMING.ORG:26885
  • ALL 1.6.4 Servers: 164.APOCGAMING.ORG
  • ALL 1.7.10-1.12 Servers: PLAY.APOCGAMING.ORG
A lot of the features in this server are literally broken. Buffed mobs (the ones with randomly generated names and abilities and have particle effects, I don't know the name of the mod) are literally unkillable because of some weird mod outside of hexxit they added to this server. Tower golems are ALSO unkillable! The bread and butter of starting hexxit is battle towers and you can't defeat them! The /back feature is also very broken and if you get kicked due to an error (which also happen a lot for some reason) you better hoof it if you want your shit back.
The seed also kind of sucks, I could literally only find battle towers and there were no other dungeons at all. I tried and tried to find any ships or castles or ANYTHING associated with better dungeons and I had to travel a LONG time. I literally had to ask a mod if they might have removed those mods for some reason.
The staff is weirdly incompetent and makes really poor decisions. They asked me as many questions in regards to error messages THEY got as I asked questions about the server. That is another thing - lots of errors, that would force me to reload and I would end up losing /back. I lost all of my items due to something a mod told me to do. They were not listening to me when I asked them to lure mobs away so I could get back to death point and I lost everything I spent all day trying to get.
I will not be going back.
Posted 28th Dec 2017
It is a good server but it is small. I hope they would make a shop.
Posted 3rd Aug 2017
Tangerine_ / Amazing server, extremely fun! great staff, who are very active. Amazing playerbase. Fun modpacks and more, Come and try it out!
Posted 6th Jul 2017
This is a great server because of the friendly staff and easy startup
Posted 11th Jun 2017