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Hexxit.Quantekk.Net – We are one of the best Hexxit servers out there, with a record amount of players. Do like to play Hexxit with other players? Then you should be right here with us! We offer you the great Hexxit feeling from the single player now available in multiplayer. We restrict you as little as possible so that you can also use their full Hexxit! With our 2 Dedicated 32GB E3-1240v3 servers with DDos protection to handle any attack we can confirm that we have the best uptime in all Hexxit servers will all crashes fixed, we have very little banned items, With our PvP And PvE servers we have very little lag and we can handle 250+ players with no lag at all, we have a constant 20TPS and our uptime is amazing. Come and join us in our mini-games server with Loads of minigames like QuakeCraft – HungerGames – TeamFortress2 – And many more! :D

I have personally never had any problems with this server. The players are nice and the staff do their job. I'd say all around I enjoy this server and I would recommend it to others.
Posted 4th Mar 2017
My favourite servers are all modded but this one has definitely changed my opinion. The staff are incredibly unfriendly and will threaten to ban you for breaking the tiniest of rules. I'm never logging back on.
Posted 23rd Feb 2017
Posted 10th Feb 2017
this is the worst server, yet somehow ppl think it is the best. the chat is cleared randomly without rulebreaking, and the only really nice person i met was from Enchanted Realm. go play Enchanted Realm or even Chillax Gaming(they are the only other server i think is a GOOD server on hexxit) and delete this server from your minecraft. Good Day!
Posted 1st Feb 2017
Posted 19th Nov 2016
Too many banned items, and way too strict with language. Quantekk needs some work, you are restricted of exploring and enjoying the overall experience of Hexxit. 'Strange' is a great dude. Only positive part about the server.
Posted 8th Nov 2016
the server is lagging every time i try to log on. very annoying when it takes 4 seconds to mine a single block.
Posted 4th Oct 2016
I love this server but it has its ups and downs.The one thing that really annoys me is the Shop.You can get items easily but the thing that is annoying is that its super expensive, and money is hard to come buy unless you have spawners and or you sell items.However some people just do battle towers because they can't afford it.But, the other things I just love about the server.It makes me feel like home :) and the community is so kind, if you ask for anything you receive it and everyone says 'Hi or Hello' to each other, its lovely <3
Posted 24th Jul 2016