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Hello there, when you stumbled across our post, you were probably wondering what our server was all about. Unlike many servers, CubeMC has a uniqueness to it that you have never experienced before. Our team is always hard at work trying to improve the server and make the environment pleasant and fun for all of our fellow players. Now I know what your thinking, is this some kind of scam or does this server not hold true to its standards? Let me assure you that the minute you join, you will fall in love with this awe-inspiring server. The whole server team has one goal in mind, to make the server boisterous and glowing with life. Here at CubeMC, we are caring people that give second chances even if you make a mistake. After all, you only live life once, so why not spend it in the best possible way. Our growing community of players are always here to help you with anything you may need. Our server currently features 28 gametypes and we are continuing to add more. Want to play with your friends, but don't know what to do? At CubeMC, we make sure there is always something for you to do no matter what it may be. As the saying goes, try something new. CubeMC is currently a 45,000 slot server, but can be extended up to 70,000 slots. Thank you for reading this passage, even though it may have seemed long. We hope to see you soon!

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