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Axis Networks


Axis Networks is a young Hexxit server looking to build a community. The protection system is Towny but towns don't come free! It will take a fair amount of money to earn a town, and even more to keep it running! Anywhere not claimed is fair game for raiders and grieving, so hide your items well until you are able to protect your items.

Axis, being so young as it is, will be searching for staff members but it will take much more than asking to be accepted on to the administrative team!

Banned Items:
Capsules/Capsule Stations, Boomerangs, Chest Transporters, Quivers, Bags, Hunter's Handguns (And ammunition), Titan Bands, Ender Bows, Meteor Summoners, Emperor's Chalices, Destruction Catalysts, Blue Slime Eggs, Meteor Shield, Bane of Pigs, Super Tool, Drawbridges, Chocobo Saddlebags, Chocobo Packbags

Disabled Mods:
Dimensional Doors

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