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New Eden Hexxit



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No Lag
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United States hosted

Me and my friends were playing normally when I got a msg from an admin saying are you raiding or building this base i told them building and then some of our stuff went missing, blocks started getting placed, chests opened, there were blocks missing, and even our thief armor was stolen. We couldnt see who was doing it but we assume it was the admin that asked if we were raiding or building the base a few minutes earlier. We were having a really good time we just started the day before but now we dont want to play on that server because of what happened. It is not fair to have people or staff think it is ok to steal our stuff in v mod and in god mod when we can not see or hit them back.
Posted 26th Mar 2017
I loved the experience the server gave me. The owner is nice and always improving the server. The claims are true there is no lag!
Posted 26th Feb 2017