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This is a FTB (Feed-The-Beast) 3rd Party Mod Pack Server.

There is a manual that will help players new to the "FTB/MagicFarm" pack:

FTB/MagicFarm is the Mod Pack and our server is a SMP (Survival Multi-Player) server running 24/7 on Dedicated HW with 16Gb RAM, 8 CPU Cores, and SSD data storage.

Basic Rules:

  1. PVP is OK until one party says "uncle".
  2. Claim your ground with a gold shovel via GriefPrevention

If you are new to FTB/MagicFarm, it will be a shock. The rate your hunger applies is increased. The number of primitive tools you can make is decreased until you can master the techniques of crafting with Tinker's Construct (TC) Some items (like a basic Stone Pickaxe) cannot be simply crafted as in other servers. This is FTB/MagicFarm.

This server has a great Forum full of articles and information. Our web site has a few links to pertinent information about crafting with TC.

About your Home:

We have several predefined "/warp" destinations. That's to help you get around quicker in the wide-world. Decide carefully before you put down roots. Do you want to be in a high traffic area? Are you planning to form a Town? It's difficult to "pick up and move" so your first few days should be spent figuring out where you want to live. Placing your home too close to a "/warp" or "/spawn" destination may seem fun at first, but you may suffer the Tragedy of the Commons. The phrase "Get off my Lawn" comes to mind too.

So. Be a little adventurous. "/warp" yourself into the wild and get away from it all.

About your Money:

Yes.. Money. Money makes the world go 'round. And on FooFarm money is useful. It buys things from players. (if they'd start selling things!). It also lets you buy Towny land. Get money, spend money. It's how things work.

In our server, we're trying to develop the economy slowly so we don't put things way out of balance. But we know we have work to do. Your comments are welcome.

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